Friday, January 23, 2009

How I Spend My Holidays

It was holiday time.Huhu!! I had nothing to do except eating, sleeping and watching telivision but for this time I was so sad because my telivision was broken.Uwaaa.So that I planned to go out with my Kuka.Besides that I also helped my mother at her restaurant since ussualy on holiday there are many customers that want to eat special menu such as "nasi dagang" , "nasi minyak" , and also "nasi lemak".
As ussualy if there was no appointment with somebody else I always went to my mother's restaurant to help her.I just want to make her happy always.I was really love her so that I did not want to dissapointed her even a bit.Even though it was so tired, I was too enjoyed because I thought that was a gold time with my family since after this time I will not back home almost 3 months.Last day before I came back to this UiTMT, I went out with my Kuka.We went to the Iwhizz shop to format and back up my laptop.Oter than that we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and talked about our study and many more interesting about us.I thing the most interesting activities that I did during this holidays was spend my time with my family and also with my Kuka.

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