Friday, March 6, 2009

What I would Like To Do In 5 Years Time

Everyone has their own plan, like me too.What I really want to achieve is success in my future career.I want to have a great job that can make my parent proud of me.As graduated I want to find a job that is suitable with my diploma.I want to get money with my ownself and have a great career like anyone that are success in their life such as chef Wan Ismail.
I want to work at hotel industry and work for them until I got so many experiences, so that I can continued my career by open my own restaurant or bakery shop.When I work at hotel industry, I can save my money as a capital to continue my business, so that I do not have to get loan from any sources, I just borrow a little with my parent and my siblings.When I am success in my own business I want to build another business like catering or something else that are relate to my interest and talent.I hope that one day I will success in my career, so that everyone around me will proud of me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Man

Everyone must have their own dream man, like me too..of course I have..huhu!!! he cames, he goes and he comes back..When I think at him, I feel that I am in fairyland..huhu..But however I feel and foresure I plan it is depend on God either I can get what I plant or not..I think that I am not suitable for him if I can not life with him for my whole meaningful life and he is for someone else, I still hope that he is just for me..I really hope that..

I actually never mine however my dream man looks like.The important thing that I want is he will able to make my parent proud of him and also make them happy always, always and always..I never mine his physical characteristics like handsome, macho, tall or whatever but the most important thing that I want is he has a good soul that everyone can respect to him..Lastly I really hope that he will be mine..huhu..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life

The best thing that has ever happened to my life is when my group members and I went to Terengganu for the interview.That was actually the assignment for the management and retailing subject.Mc Donald and Pizza Hut were our choisen because we thought that both of them were easily to communicate with us.
We, Aina, Poji, Aiman, Thaqib and I went there for 3 days and 2 nights.We leave on evening after Asar.We went there by Aina's car.First of all we all gather at Pos A to go to Aina's house because we were going there by her car.Our journey only took us 1 hour from aina's house to Kuala Terengganu as there was no traffic jam. Along the way, someone called Poji while he was driving the car,but the phone slip from his hand when he wanted to change the gear as it was a manual car. The funny thing about this incident is when Poji took the phone from the cushion and the phone was upside down but the weird thing is Poji didn't realise it and keep on talking to his friend while asking why he can't hear anything. He then realise his foolishness after hearing everyone laughing at him. We arrived there around 6.30pm and stopped at aiman's house for rest. There we took our bath and ready for maghrib as we want to break our fast. After we break our fast we straight away interview the manager of Mc Donald to discuss about their management.
The next day,at morning we spent our free time by visiting the Muzium Terengganu and Masjid Kristal. At the museum, we conquered all the sections around museum such as petroleom, "batu bersurat", telekom and so on.Afterb that we then went to Masjid Kristal for praying and we also not forget to dedicated our memorial there by snapping our pictures.After spent our time there we got ready for our next interview at Pizza Hut.
I think that was the best memory that I can't forget in my life until my last breath.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I Want To Change About Myself

What I want to change about myself? huhu.. Every times people ask me this question for sure I answer want to change my attitude.This is because I always easy to get angry to people who disturbe me.They always says my voice like cartoon.Huhu.I was so angry to them but I thanked God because I was so lucky for this unique voice.I think so.Huhu.
Furthermore, I hope that one day I will reduce my weight and size from L to S.This is because its too hard for me to find a suitable clothes like trouses and shirts.Evey times I go to the mall I will try to find some thing that can make me cheer up, especially t-shirt.It almost every time Im interest in cloth, it is unsuitable for me.Huhu.So sad.I believe that there is must be have a good things that I will get.Insyallah.I thing that is all what I want to change about myself.

Friday, January 23, 2009

How I Spend My Holidays

It was holiday time.Huhu!! I had nothing to do except eating, sleeping and watching telivision but for this time I was so sad because my telivision was broken.Uwaaa.So that I planned to go out with my Kuka.Besides that I also helped my mother at her restaurant since ussualy on holiday there are many customers that want to eat special menu such as "nasi dagang" , "nasi minyak" , and also "nasi lemak".
As ussualy if there was no appointment with somebody else I always went to my mother's restaurant to help her.I just want to make her happy always.I was really love her so that I did not want to dissapointed her even a bit.Even though it was so tired, I was too enjoyed because I thought that was a gold time with my family since after this time I will not back home almost 3 months.Last day before I came back to this UiTMT, I went out with my Kuka.We went to the Iwhizz shop to format and back up my laptop.Oter than that we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and talked about our study and many more interesting about us.I thing the most interesting activities that I did during this holidays was spend my time with my family and also with my Kuka.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

On 28th of July, my family sent me to this UiTMT.For the first day I am here, I am lonely because I did not know anybody arround me accept my roomate, Sharifah Amira and Norazila and also my former friend Nor Aziemah.At orientation week I always woke up earlier than ussualy. I was so sleepy while I was in Aspirasi Hall since they gave me lecture about this UiTMT.There are so many activities that I must follow during orientation week such as playing futsal and make phantomen.I realy enjoyed played futsal since my team was won.Huhu.But I was so sad because I did not get the present that we got.My team captain did not give to me.However I do not care at all.I know who I am.Huhu.During orientation week I met with my new friends, Liza,Ayu and Ya.They all so nice and so friendly.We always went to the Teluk Gadung together.
The class start after the orintation week end.At night before the class start, I try to find where is my first class situated. My first class was French subject. I went to the class with my best friend, miss ash. We always went to the class together. Firstly it was too hard for me to understand what the lecturer taught us but I try to learn more and more until I got understand.I was so happy while I was in kitchen.Even though it was too long, I realy enjoyed because I can learn more about cooking.I hope that one day I can open my business with my own.