Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I Want To Change About Myself

What I want to change about myself? huhu.. Every times people ask me this question for sure I answer want to change my attitude.This is because I always easy to get angry to people who disturbe me.They always says my voice like cartoon.Huhu.I was so angry to them but I thanked God because I was so lucky for this unique voice.I think so.Huhu.
Furthermore, I hope that one day I will reduce my weight and size from L to S.This is because its too hard for me to find a suitable clothes like trouses and shirts.Evey times I go to the mall I will try to find some thing that can make me cheer up, especially t-shirt.It almost every time Im interest in cloth, it is unsuitable for me.Huhu.So sad.I believe that there is must be have a good things that I will get.Insyallah.I thing that is all what I want to change about myself.


  1. huhu...
    ...hope u can reduce your weight...,he3

  2. As long as your BMI is normal, all you need to do is to maintain your weight by eating healthily and do regular exercise..