Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Man

Everyone must have their own dream man, like me too..of course I have..huhu!!! he cames, he goes and he comes back..When I think at him, I feel that I am in fairyland..huhu..But however I feel and foresure I plan it is depend on God either I can get what I plant or not..I think that I am not suitable for him if I can not life with him for my whole meaningful life and he is for someone else, I still hope that he is just for me..I really hope that..

I actually never mine however my dream man looks like.The important thing that I want is he will able to make my parent proud of him and also make them happy always, always and always..I never mine his physical characteristics like handsome, macho, tall or whatever but the most important thing that I want is he has a good soul that everyone can respect to him..Lastly I really hope that he will be mine..huhu..